4 Easy Ways To Learn Guitar at the Comfort of Your Home

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Learning to play a new instrument can look challenging and not enjoyable. Well, that is the case if you don’t put commitment and passion in it. 

Playing the guitar has now become prominent, and you should have one right now if you’re interested in it. There’s no better way to learn an instrument than to own the device itself.

Here are four easy ways that you can follow to learn how to play the guitar at your home.

1. Familiarize the Instrument

In purchasing a guitar, you should choose a starter guitar. While the tone quality and basics of playing the guitar remains the same. Starter guitars are cheaper than others. It’s just the material, finish, and cost of the guitar that makes the difference.

Familiarize the instrument right after and keep slow for the first time. It’s impossible to learn all the basics overnight. 

Here are some things you can consider to start familiarizing yourself with the instrument.

  • Basic Plucking and Strumming
  • Finger Placement
  • Finger Exercise
  • Tablature Reading 
  • Note Reading
  • Fretboard

Knowing the basics can help you get through your guitar learning with ease. There might be more to learn about the instrument, but these are the fundamental basics of playing the guitar. When you advance in your guitar playing, you can then start familiarizing all the other parts of the guitar.

2. Start Playing, Start Small

Don’t jump just yet to learning any song or musical composition that you like to play. Start small with learning to play the chords first.

The best way to learn the chords is through guidance, either by someone personally or with an app. There are various online resources available nowadays to guide you through playing guitar chords. You can use those apps and learn the basics of guitar chords.

However, it’s important to note that you should have at least nearly mastered your finger placement and notes reading. Guitar chords are notes that are played simultaneously to create harmony. Learning the chords without mastery of finger placements and note reading is useless.

3. Play Simple Songs

After you have mastered your notes reading and playing chords, you can now begin with playing simple songs. Most people start with children’s songs, but it is really up to you what simple songs you choose to play. After all, it is you who needs or wants to learn.

Here are some simple songs you can start playing.

  • Leaving on a Jet Plane – John Denver
  • Three Little Birds – Bob Marley
  • Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
  • Stay With Me – Sam Smith
  • Clocks – Coldplay

The most important thing to remember here is to master playing chords. So, you can start playing local songs in your place or let your friends recommend you a song to play.

In the long run, you can increase the difficulty of the song, and supplement your learning with tutorial videos. Online videos are your friend in playing the guitar, and YouTube alone has lots of useful videos about playing guitar. Expand your resources and explore opportunities to learn from experienced guitarists.

4. Disciplined Practice

At first, you’ll surely hurt your fingers, but over time, you’ll adapt to it. The most common aspect of playing the instrument is never to stop playing, though not necessarily daily. Develop a disciplined practice that you would play the guitar regularly.

Not playing the guitar for at least five days will make you forget quite a few things. Make it more than a week; you might as well start from the beginning – from playing chords. 

Be disciplined and do your best to make improvements every time you play. One of the best goals you can have is to train your ear. Play songs without looking at music sheets, but only through hearing and listening to it.

Training your ears allows you to fine-tune the guitar without using any apps or guide. It helps you build confidence in your learning and keeps you on the track for improvements.

The Bottom Line

It’s challenging to learn how to play the guitar without commitment and passion added to it. You can only master the guitar if you have a passion for music and guitar. If you have this, you’re off to a good start. Nevertheless, you can play the guitar for any reason you may have and share good music with your friends and family.

Just enjoy playing it and keep your passion burning! 

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