4+ Tips on How to Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets

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Most house owners focus primarily on upgrading their living room and bedroom, sometimes forgetting the kitchen. You should consider investing in your kitchen and learn tips on how to update kitchen cabinets. 

There might be plans before in making your kitchen look new and better but never came due to critical reasons. Nevertheless, you can still cope with the modern styles and designs of kitchen cabinets nowadays.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to upgrade your kitchen cabinets and give them more value than ever.

1. Paint and Color

Foremost in your plan should be giving life back to your kitchen cabinets. Nothing does it better than paint and color. Make it lively and quite sleek to have a clean finish.

It doesn’t have to be a mix of bright colors all the time. You can use plain white or glossy gray colors to make your kitchen cabinets in line with modern designs.

There are just two things you have to remember regarding paint and color.

  • Lighting. Make sure that your paint does not make your kitchen gloomy and dull. It should also ensure that proper lighting can easily make through your kitchen, not too brilliant and not too dark.
  • Warmth or Ambience. Keep it consistent with your desired theme for your kitchen. Different issues call for various mixtures of shades and colors.

2. Hardware

Most of the time, kitchen cabinets need upgrading when the equipment themselves are starting to wear. You can consider replacing different types of equipment in your kitchen cabinet. It may be for your handle, shelf, or the office itself.

Brass and copper materials are the best fit for a modern design in your kitchen cabinets. You can consider oak, maple, or mahogany for a classic ambiance to your kitchen. However, you can also try out stainless steel, chrome, or glass for your kitchen cabinets. 

3. Pull-out Shelves

Traditional kitchen shelves are not movable, as they are either fastened to the wall or integrated to the cabinet. Add pull-out shelves to your kitchen cabinet for easier access to essential things in your kitchen.

You can add open shelves to your kitchen for your utensils, mugs, cups, and perhaps plates and saucers. Pull-out trays are flexible as you can take them out of the cabinet and put it on the table. If you’re done using it, you can put it back for a safe storage of your kitchen items.

4. Additional Lights 

Put some trendy lights to your kitchen cabinets. This is especially useful when you want to light only a specific area in your kitchen. 

There are three types of lighting you can add for your kitchen cabinets.

  • LED Strip. One of the most straightforward lighting you can add to your cabinet. Though it’s not as bright as other lighting choices, LED strips can easily be concealed.
  • Puck Lights. These types of lights are best for illuminating the inside of your cabinets. You can also use these as under cabinet lighting or task lighting for better productivity in your kitchen.
  • Uplighting. This adds a trendier look to your kitchen cabinets. The quality of lighting may not be as good as others, so it’s best for aesthetics and not recommended for the leading light.

5. Kitchen Hangers

Open kitchen is most likely the trend right now where you see a few utensils hanging in the open. You can use kitchen hangers for necessary utensils that you use most often.

There is a wide variety of kitchen hanger designs to choose from, and to keep your kitchen look much better. You can even add or make your designs and add stylish wallpaper backgrounds for it.

6. Crown Molding

If you think your kitchen looks too dull and boring, you can add crown molding for a better appearance. This adds height to your cabinets and a stylish look for your kitchen as well.

It’s best to avoid DIY crown molding, but seek professional help for installation and finishing. This is a crucial part of your kitchen as it affects the overall appearance of your kitchen.

The Bottom Line

Never forget the value of your kitchen, but treat it as to how you treat other parts of your house. Keep it lively and always inviting, especially when talking about food. Nothing beats the right place for good food, but only in the kitchen. Upgrade your kitchen cabinets now and keep it in style!

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