5+ Bathroom Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Who else here has an avid fascination with bathrooms? 

Bathrooms are a special nook of every home. If it’s not the most private part, then what is? It’s interesting to note that the bathroom is the most important among the many constituents of a house. If you think about it, you can get by without a living room, a separate room for the kitchen, or bedroom. Imagine a studio apartment. It’s fully functional if it doesn’t have any rooms. But without a bathroom, you couldn’t even declare it a living place. It’s the only thing that completes your haven. Do you agree? If you do, then we can talk about sprucing it up within your budget. Stick ahead as we unravel a few marvelous ideas on how you can amp it up. 

Recycle and reuse.

Yes, they need to come in pairs. Staving your overall expenses demands that you explore all the possibilities and look from a different perspective. What does it tell you is, roam around your home, or a friend’s, or a relative’s. 

Find out what they need to dispose of for the project. Then, try to make something out of it. You can ask them if they can give it to you for free. If you are too proud to do that, you can pay for it at a highly discounted price. 

Why not set a rule for not buying new fixtures to put yourself into an aggressive money-saving approach? It is a difficult feat to achieve, so cut yourself some slack and tone down your budget rules. What counts is you make a rule and stick with it. 

Do not rush it. 

You will always buy time. The more that you rush something, the more that you need to spend on it. You don’t want to fall prey into this money-and-time trade-off. 

Be minimalist. Start small, and grow your bathroom design slowly, little-by-little. If you are buying the idea that I’m selling, then consider sale prices. 

In long stretches, time allows you to spot on great deals that only come once in a blue moon. This is a ready giveaway. All you need is patience to grab great finds on sale prices. 

Do not scrimp on the essentials: pipes, toilet, shower, and faucets. 

You get what you pay for is a common saying. Be sure never to tighten your belt for the fundamentals in favor of the substandard. 

For the wall, install tiles for the lower ¾ of it, then paint for the upper ¼. 

Tiles are costlier than paint. While I will not suggest that you paint the entire walls for the sake of your budget, I will on the upper part of the wall. 

It would be best if you didn’t use the paint to glamourize your bathroom because they don’t have the tremendous waterproof capability as tiles have. 

While you are on a budget, please make sure that the quality will not be compromised. You don’t want to end up spending more later on. Tiles will provide you with security and peace of mind as they can deal with more stresses and don’t fade with water quickly. 

DIY the paint. 

Painting a portion of your bathroom will save you the cost of having to pay someone to do that for you. 

For the areas that will not be soaked in water, use either wood molding or vinyl tiles for the wall design. 

You need to be careful about this and ensure that the area you plan to install these materials will not get wet. These are cheaper than tiles. While you want to jump on directly on repainting them, you need to create a variation. If you decide to stick with the paint, you must use waterproof paint. Again, time is a constant pressing concern. So, always consider it. 

Invest in LED lights. 

If you want to be able to save, you must cut back on electricity. This is a time-honored way to keep your house spending at bay drastically. 

LED lights are energy efficient. Not only they don’t take up so much electricity, but they are long-lasting too. They can even last you up to a decade without diminishing their quality. Remember that being on a budget means getting the most value in the long haul. And when you are renovating, it isn’t all about the design where you can save. Dig deeper, and soon you’ll find out that there are more subtle ways. 

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