5 Best Ways to Promote a Business

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Building a business is never easy. We do a lot of things for people to notice what we are selling. Promoting a business takes a lot of work. We need to figure out how to gain attention from possible customers and maintaining the public’s interest in our company. One good thing about promoting businesses nowadays is the internet. When the internet was not existing, people make use of posters, newspaper ads, and television ads to promote their business. Some businessmen even go over to different resident houses to sell what they have. We are fortunate today that business promotion is a lot easier.

If you just set up your business and don’t know what to do during your first few steps in promotion, here are the best ways for you to do so.

1. Directory Listing and Free Classifieds – This doesn’t need much explanation. The more directory or classified advertising sites you’re on, the higher chance you’d have to get more exposure. Of course, more exposure translates to more leads and sales.

First, get your business listed on the following sites to start your journey:

  1. FreeAdsTime.org
  2. H1ad.com
  3. GiganticList.com
  4. ClassifiedsFactor.com
  5. WallClassifieds.com
  6. FinderMaster.com
  7. AdvertiseEra.com
  8. Ads.Shopolop.com
  9. Ads.DigitalMarketingHints.com
  10. Ad.Ologames.com
  11. RectangleAd.com
  12. Clickooz.com
  13. Xoocal.com
  14. SuperAdPost.com

2. Writing a lot of guest posts – Article writing is a massive business on the internet. What kind of business if you may ask? Business Promotion. Being a part of a particular article means that your business is being promoted. And having real testimonies and recommendation allow people to check your business out. Statements like “according to…(your business name)” and “it is mentioned in…(your business name)” will give the readers the trust that you need. This is to assure them that you have a legitimate business and some website has recommended it. Article writing is a big deal to a lot of business owners. Writing about what they are selling is also promoting what they have to offer to people. 

Here’s a list of sites that accept guest posts for free:

  • Articles.h1ad.com
  • Blog.giganticlist.com
  • Story.wallclassifieds.com
  • Article.classifiedsfactor.com
  • Blogs.findermaster.com
  • Article.advertiseera.com
  • Blog.Shopolop.com
  • Ologames.com
  • Blog.FreeAdsTime.org
  • BloggersRoad.com
  • TheBlogArena.com
  • SearchengineLibro.com
  • Latestseosites.com
  • Superseosites.com
  • FoundationBacklink.com
  • SEOCheckin.com
  • DigitalMarketingHints.com
  • HowCube.com
  • 3. Social Media Marketing – A lot of people are already in social media. And it is a huge advantage for many business owners to use social media marketing. It is free and effortless to set up. There are different kinds of social media platforms for you to use. Simple page setup and continuous sharing can boost your internet traffic. This will allow more and more people to visit your profile and your business site. An algorithm is set up to those people who search on the search engine. One of your posts will then randomly pop out on their social feed. Another great thing about social media is that every social media platform is connected. As long as you have linked all of your accounts, it will be easier for you to share your posts consistently. And once that is done, the people who viewed and have an interest in your business will be the ones to share your posts without you putting extra effort into it. 

    4. Email Marketing – Email marketing is another form of business promotion. The great thing about this kind of marketing or promotion strategy is that the target people will be able to receive your message. But you must have a straight forward content on what you are trying to sell. Because most of the time people will just hit the “delete” button. Engaging in email marketing requires you to strategize the content properly so that people will read through your message. 

    5. Collaboration – Collaborating with the different kinds of businesses is another way of promoting your business. They will endorse your website, social media page, products, and services. And in exchange, you will be doing the same. It is a give and takes process when it comes to collaboration. And the secret to a good partnership is to team up with your competitors. 

    6. Google Business Account – Having your business information online will make it a lot easier for your possible customers to find you. Setting your Google business account will make you visible to a broader scope. Be sure that your contact number, address, and websites are up to date so that you will be on the first page on the search engine. 

    Promoting a business is easy, thanks to the internet. All we need to do is type in some content and regularly share until it reaches a decent number of people. When people like what you have, everything will then flow smoothly after that, and they will promote for you. This is why the “Share” button is a business man’s best friend. The more content you share, the more people will know what business you have.

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