6+ Tips on How to Design a Living Room

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Designing a living room is a work-load of a process, but it is exciting, engaging, and rewarding. Every effort will be worth it. It can be tough to take a big step towards it. 

Planning alone will consume a hefty amount of time. Procuring materials is another roadblock to overcome. Executing your plans can lead to frustration, especially when you haven’t thought it through thoroughly. So early on, especially in the planning stage, you need to know what you want. 

Your intent is not to make your living room presentable, neat and decent. What holds greater importance than that is it speaks of your character. It must be an extension of your persona that is true to who you are.  

Take a deep breath as below are your streamlined ways to design a living room that speaks for yourself. 

1. Know yourself; plan.

The first thing you need to do is to plan before taking the first big step towards designing your living room. Take into consideration your personality and be mindful of what you like and what you don’t. Check out social media such as Instagram or Pinterest to generate great ideas and feel your preferences. Start with a theme. From that point, move on to your set pieces, color, lighting fixtures, and other decorations. 

2. Develop a unifying theme and mood. 

Come up with an ambiance that sticks right into your visitors, or even your mind. The mood that you want should give you an idea about what your theme will be. On your theme should depend the materials and the design you will employ in your living room. 

3. The floor and the wall should be complementary. 

Your floor and your wall should be treated as a pair. When designing your living room, start with these two. When you think about your level, think about your wall as well. The materials that you will incorporate on the floor should match the color that you will paint on the wall. 

4. Don’t put so many details on the walls. 

While it’s a terrific idea to put decorations on your wall, so much of it can ruin the ambiance. Set in your best judgment. In most cases, you will not want to have all your walls be filled with paintings, fixtures, picture frames, and other objects. You can dedicate a partition for it, yet you don’t want them to fill up your entire wall space and all the four walls of your living room.

5. Your sofa set should be functional. 

Your sofa set should please the eye. It must be beautiful. But before that, it must be useful as well. Do not yearn for it because it looks good. 

Choose something that will make you sit on it for long periods. Do not choose too big that will occupy all the majority of space and be keen on the pieces. While you may want to entertain visitors, you don’t want your living room to be too crowded. 

6. Your furniture should agree with your theme. 

It’s a great idea to mix and match. Nonetheless, the last thing you want is to make your living room to be littered by stuff that does not make it neat and tidy. Your living room can only look delightful if everything that it has accentuates and complements each other. 

7. Your ceiling and light should go well together. 

This is a tricky area. You may think that you can get away with having great lights. Even if you have great lighting, if it doesn’t give a spark to your ceiling, the atmosphere can feel half-baked. So, your lights should highlight the beauty of your roof. So, you will need to pay attention to your ceiling too. It needs to be simple, but not simplified as it will have to be thought-out well. 

8. Your rugs and carpets should bring life to your floor. 

Your floor is more than a glue that holds everything together. It isn’t only a structure that lets you put on it your furniture. It must bear life in itself. Its design will make the overall appearance of your living room charming. Nonetheless, that alone will not be enough to break the monotony. An addition of a rug or a carpet will make your floor livelier.

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