How to Design a Business Card in under 10 Minutes

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Marketing is a huge deal in all types of businesses. This is to allow you to promote and advertise what you are selling or what you are offering. And as a business person, you want everyone to remember you and your products. If you are a salesperson and you want to remind you, what you will usually do is give them your contact number. Whether it is in the form of a vocal exchange or writing down your name and contact details. But this will take a lot of time, and there is a huge possibility that this person will lose this piece of paper with your information on it. This is why having a business card is one of the many ways for you to let the people remember you. And a business card will give you a first impression on how well you do with your job.

A business card is a small credit-card-size printed paper that has all your business details. Making this is easy if you already have your business running. But there are still a lot of people ask, how to design a business card? There are so many ideas and ways for you to create a business card. This will depend on the business that you are handling. Below is a list of how to design a business card in under 10 minutes.

  1. Shape and size of your card – When it comes to a business card, it has to be small and handy. There are different shapes and sizes you can choose. You can even get creative and have a beautiful and unique business card with some gimmicks on it. There are business cards that are in the shape of a flower, cellular phone, bear, and many others. Be extra creative so that the person that you will be giving the card will remember that they have your contact details.
  2. Theme and color scheme – match the theme and the color scheme of your card with your business. If you are running your business page with a theme, it is also good to have the item matched with your business card. 
  3. Find a proper placement of your logo – As a business owner, you need to have your logo on your business card. This is a must for every business owner. When you are trying to advertise your company, the logo must always be present.
  4. Know what content to write – The content in your business card will be the most crucial detail that you should not miss. You must print the business name, contact person, contact number, email address, and physical store address if there is one. Social media and other internet sites should also be included so that you will gain a lot of viewers.
  5. Font style – Once you have laid everything that you need to place in your business card, it is time to have it made. Font style is another thing that you need to consider. Some font styles may be too small or too big. Or even sometimes, the texts won’t fit in the size of the card that you chose. Also, when it comes to selecting the font style, be sure that the texts are easy to read and eye-catching. This will make it easier for your future clients to remember your business. 
  6. What kind of material you will use – Nowadays, a lot of people tend to get extra creative with their business cards. Some use plastic, rubber, scented paper, and other materials that they could think of them. But you want to have a necessary business card; you can always use the primary card stock papers. There are different thickness choices that you can choose from them. 

Creating your business card is easy. You don’t even have to hire a professional graphic artist to make the best ones for you. There are a lot of ways for you to create a business card even without the use of a specific designing application. With your necessary computer encoding and painting knowledge, you will soon have a business card that will make people remember you and your business. 

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