How to Design a Logo: Ideas and Tips

People create logos to make a signature, whether for their business or personal projects. This makes it easier for people to remember you or your brand. If you’re working on something that you want people to remember, you need to know how to design a logo.

Designing a logo seems complicated initially, but it shouldn’t be that difficult once you know the basics behind it. Here are some ideas and tips for creating your next logo for your brand.

1. Identify Your Niche

Your logo should base more on the theme of your products or services. Determine your item, know your brand, and identify only one niche to emphasize on your logo. Your logo should speak to people about your offers to them in a more general way. 

Ask the right questions to establish better your brand identity, as well as your niche.

  • What is the primary goal of the business?
  • Why is the brand relevant to other people?
  • Why should the people trust the brand?
  • How should the people look at the brand?
  • Which words would best fit in describing the brand?

Asking the right questions for your business or brand will help you determine the proper emphasis on your logo.

2. Sketch a Design

Once you’ve established your niche, or brand identity, you can start designing your logo. Start with a rough sketch and determine what looks best for your brand.

There are four common ways to go about your design and the basic structure of your logo.

  • Brand Name. You can use the first letters of the name and stylize it, also known as a monogram logo. You can also use the full brand name if it’s quite short, also known as the wordmark logo. Most brands mix them both for better retention.
  • Product. In designing your logo, you can showcase your products or services directly. For clothing business, make a logo that has a shirt accent. Or cleaning tools for your cleaning services.
  • Catchphrase. Most brands have their slogan, and you can make a logo about it. Symbols are the best way to match with your catchphrase for a logo.
  • Abstract. Some logos are quite far related to their brand. It’s most likely to make a representation of something, and the owner alone can explain its relevance to the business.

If you’d like, you can use a combination of them without undermining the quality of the logo design.

3. Create Various Options

Keep your options open as much as possible. If you’re not a designer yourself, ask help from a designer to help you create different options and choose from them. If you have an eye for design, better ideas might flow out in the later part of your work.

You can do three things to help you make different options for your brand.

  • Design Trends. You can observe renowned brands and get ideas from them. Just don’t copy their design, but be creative on making your own based on your observations.
  • Watching Videos. Not everyone has the best idea for the logo designs, and the best ideas can come from anyone. You might even get excellent ideas from amateurs and integrate it into your logo.
  • Arts and Paintings. Nothing beats the creativity of great artists. You can look at actual paintings and artworks for inspiration.

4. Impression and Color

One crucial aspect of logo design is color. Different colors convey different meanings, and you should know all about them. With a mixture of different colors, you portray a whole new representation of your brand.

Don’t forget the contrast and balance of your colors. You can start sketching it from black and white; then you can move to different colors to determine which best fits.

5. Font Style and Size

If you plan to include text in your logo, make sure everything is readable enough. Please don’t make it too artistic and flashy that it undermines your brand itself.

Choose a font that goes with your brand and revolve around your design around it. You can make it a lot more striking by adding stylized fonts to it.

The Bottom Line

Never forget to keep your logo design aligned to your business. Please keep it clean and straightforward, as well as striking to every people’s eyes. Logo design is not a piece of cake as it represents most of your business, and its business might depend on it. Get creative and make your logos strike interest!

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