Low-Investment Business Ideas: 5+ Tips and Ideas

Crazy ideas start to pop out in your head, and you decide to start a business on your own. However, you have limited resources, and you can only think of low-investment business ideas right now.

You need not worry as starting a business with low investment is common nowadays. There are various ways you can start a business, even with the limited resources you have.

Here are a few low-investment business ideas for you, as well as tips in starting these businesses.

1. Dropshipping

For dropshipping business, you don’t need to have inventory and no need to worry about shipping as well. The supplier will take care of these things, and you act as a bridge for them to interested customers. 

A dropshipping business model works in three main stages. Firstly, customers choose from your products and make orders to you. Secondly, you take their order, inform the supplier about their order, and pay them for the order. Lastly, the supplier accepts the order and ships the products to the customers.

2. Subscription Boxes

Another growing business model that gives excitement to many people is a subscription box business. This business model is much awaited during particular seasons, like Christmas, but you can make it exciting every time you make your delivery to them.

Subscription boxes basically refer to the physical delivery of items to the customer repeatedly. There are three main types of “boxes” that the customer can receive.

  • Surprise Box. The customer has no idea of what items are included in the box.
  • Discount. The cost of the box itself is lower than the recommended retail price of items inside the box.
  • Personalized. Customers can request a custom-made box with requested items inside.

3. Professional Organizer

If you have the talent of decluttering any mess, you can offer your skills to people as a professional organizer. It may not be as prominent as other businesses, but a lot of people are looking for such services.

You can start by making yourself known to the public either by your friends or relatives. Then, expand through online services and make a website of your own as much as possible. Through diligence and patience, you can make a living as a professional organizer by then.

4. Print-on-Demand

You can make partnerships with printing businesses and start a print-on-demand business at your home. Purchases can be made online or personal meet-ups, if possible.

Depending on your niche, you can have a print-on-demand for various products. This includes books, t-shirts, mugs, utensils, and other available white-label products. 

Prints and designs can also come from you and not necessarily from your customers. You can even make a design on your own with ideas from your customers.

5. Sell Books

Books never go out of business, and you can do a business out of it. If you are a book lover, you can start by selling your old books. There are various platforms online that you can use to start your business, and you can make your website as well. 

Aside from old books, you can create one yourself and sell them. These can be reviews, tutorials, tips, informative content, or even your novel and write-ups.

6. Web Developer

Modern technologies can be beneficial for people with programming skills. If you’re one of them, you can develop software applications for different clients and do a business out of it. You can expand your resources later on as you discover new ways to hone your skills, as well as helping people at the same time.

7. Brand Influencer

If you can’t produce anything at all, you can start a business as an influencer. Most companies are looking for social media influencers for their brand, as well as other online media. It would help if you were good at talking to people and promoting a brand to them.

All you need to have to start this is a good camera and a fast internet connection. Worry about software applications and other improvements when you have made your profit already.

The Bottom Line

Low-investment businesses are always accessible at the beginning, but maintaining is the tricky part. Make sure to plan everything carefully, and you know how to handle a business on your own. Be resourceful, and your next move might be your future business success story.

Always remember to love what you do at all times! 

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